About Lake Toho

Lake Toho has been known for producing trophy Largemouth Bass. In January of 2001 Dean Rojas bassmaster elite series pro caught a Record one day catch of 45 pounds, 2 ounces. And, he broke the four day catch record with 20 Bass weighing 108 pounds. Today that record still stands as the heaviest 5 fish limit ever in bass fishing history. Lake Toho is a relatively shallow 18,800 acre lake covered with all kinds of vegetation such as hydrilla, pads and reeds. Toho is 9 miles long and only a couple miles wide. Wild Shiners are what you want to catch big lunker largemouth bass. If you want to fish artificial lures you can’t beat a 10inch worm fluke or senko. If you love flipping this is one of the best lakes for that technique. Also Lake Toho was voted one of the top 100 lakes in the country for topwater fishing.

About the Butler Chain of Lakes

The Butler Chain of Lakes is a group of urban lakes surrounded by multi-million dollar homes in Orlando Florida. Catch big bass on a shiner guide trip or depending on the time of year artificial lures such as big swim baits, crank baits , lipless crank baits and flukes are perfect for this very clear deep lake. Also the Alabama rig has been known to catch giant bass on this lake as well. The butler chains of lakes are very deep compared to other lakes in the central Florida area. The bass fishing can be red hot on this lake certain times of the year.

About Lake Kissimmee

Lake Kissimmee is two lakes south of Lake Toho and the 4th lake on the Kissimmee chain which then goes to the Kissimmee river and then into Lake Okeechobee. Just like bass fishing on Lake Toho the bass fishing is nothing short of greatness. If you love flipping thick heavy Matts of vegetation the real Florida style this is where you want to be with many big monster bass coming out of this lake you never know when that fish of a lifetime may bite. Shiner Bass fishing on Lake Kissimmee is also a great way to catch giant bass.